Saturday, 27 August 2011

Free Family Day Out- RAF Cosford

Today we headed over to RAF Cosford. Its about half hours drive from where we live and the weather was good again.  Admission is free but you do have to pay for car parking which was £2 for us. We went there as my daughter is learning about WW2 when she goes back in September and they have a hanger with lots of WW2 planes and things. Its quite interesting and you can meander round the hangers. They have some tiny planes and some huge ones. They do have some other things such as tanks, military vehicles but its not a bad afternoon out. We managed to dodge the cafe and gift shop and took our own drinks along. I did pick up two replica newspapers which were the editions for Battle of Britain and D Day Landings. These were £2.99 each and make for interesting reading as they include news stories and adverts of the day. I thought these were a better alternative for reading material on WW2 than just a history book.


  1. Hi ,miss piggy bank,thanks for stopping over at mine,your comment on the swiss army knife made me lol, sounds like my hubby!!
    Your day out sounds fab,very interesting,I bet those newspapers were fasinating too.
    I love history,especially WW2,as my Bampy served in that war.
    Hope you have a fab bank holiday,best wishes,

  2. Sounds like a great day out for the family.

    Sft x