Friday, 12 August 2011

Holiday Bargains Part 3

Sorry for the Bargain Trilogy but Blogger is being a complete pain this evening.

I like to pick things up when I see them and keep them as gifts for Christmas and Birthdays. Some people may find it a bit sad that I am buying Christmas presents already but it saves me time,money and energy in December. I now have about 90% of my presents bought.

The black school shoes were £16 from £32.

The black bag I have bought for a Christmas gift, it came complete with dust bag as well, reduced from £29.99 to £10.


  1. Hi love the bargains. Shoes look very comfy. I had my very first pair of Clarks shoes last year. They were ever so comfortable. Bright pink with velcro straps. I wish Miss Everyday would let me get her some for school. But she is in to these flimsy shoes.Love the bag too. I think that is a great idea getting any christmas bits early. You can miss all the shop mayhem. I think I will start early to. x

  2. Am so jealous of all the Clarkes shoes. I always buy them for school and currently have 1 pair which I'm hoping will last me this academic year.

    Having 90% of Christmas gifts, that's amazing progress!

    One of my 101 goals is to 'buy Christmas presents throughout the year'.

    I would say I have 70%. Mr Sft's is very difficult as we seem to always be together and the others are for my nephew/niece who like to tell me what they want.

    Thanks for alerting me more to this goal as it is one I could sort out during the Summer holiday and it would be great to get so organised as you.

    You are an inspiration. Looking forward to the next post.

    Sft x

  3. youv'e got some fab bargains hun :) I personally think its easier to buy well before december, as soon as the christmas decs go up in shops so do the prices! Christmas for us this year will be interesting,there is only one toy shop on the island and not many other shops! so I am going to do the main bulk of xmas shopping online! though there wont be mountains of presents anymore. I hope you had an amazing holiday hun xxx

  4. Hi Ms Everyday, My daughter starts seniors next year so I dont think she will wear clarks then, she will probably be into the flimsy shoes as well.
    Hi SFT, Thanks for your comment, I will have a look at your blog over the weekend.
    Hi Linzi, Thanks for your comment, we had a good holiday thank you.

  5. Great deals!! I've been doing early shopping this year too, makes life much easier!! :)

  6. Hi Carla, Thanks for your comment.