Monday, 15 August 2011

More Fashion by Mom

Here is a quick little craft project I have done this evening. Recently I bought my daughter this plain black shift dress from the Scope charity shop, in almost new condition for £2.50. My idea was to jazz it up a little and she could wear it at Christmas time. I remembered that I had a broken bead necklace, with black faceted beads. I found it out and sewed it around the neckline of the dress. It took me about 20 minutes to sew it and I sewed it on at roughly inch intervals to try and keep the beads looking fluid. Here is the finished garment, what do you think ?

Broken clasp on necklace
Close up of neckline


  1. It's beautiful and so clever!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sft x

  2. Beautiful! You have great fashion imagination!

  3. Very Fashionable. I've seen a lot of dresses & tops with trims like that & they're not cheap. Good job, well done !!!

  4. You did a brilliant job, it looks very 1960's inspired now.
    Scope, £2.50? You must have found the cheapest branch in the country! x

  5. It so thrifty and pretty. A great way t enhance a simple black dress. Fab.

  6. That looks brilliant, I echo Vix's remark about the Scope shop prices (I used to be a Scope shop manager so I know the prices!!)

    Sue xx