Sunday, 21 August 2011

Cinema, Lunch and Christmas Pressie all for £10!

Today my daughter and I have had Girls Day, we do it from time to time and spend the day together. I like us to have a nice day for not a lot of expense. We started the day by going to see the kids film showing of Kung Fu Panda 2 at the cinema at Star City, Birmingham. Most cinemas now have kids showings at weekends, recent films but for a fraction of the usual cost. This film came out in May this year so its not on general release now but at the kids showing you can see it for £1.25 each. Had we of seen it in May it would have cost us ( at peak times) £8.30 adult and £5.30 child ticket, so its worth waiting to see it a few weeks later. We took our own drinks and snacks, naughty but saves money. The man next to us said he had bought two drinks and popcorn and it cost him £11 !! After the cinema we went for lunch at Pizza Hut. I had a voucher for regular pizza & salad for £5 and the kids eat free offer is still on, which you can use with the voucher. My pizza should have been £8.95 and my daughters meal should have been £3.99 but all I paid was £5 so we saved £7.94. I never buy a drink myself as I find them to be too bloaty so I have a sneaky sip of my daughters which is refillable anyway included in the cost of her meal ( which was free ). So far we had been fed and entertained for £7.50 !! After Star City we went to the nearby Fort Shopping centre. My daughter had a £15 birthday voucher to spend at WH Smiths. We walked all round the store choosing what to buy, in the end she chose a toy £5, two books £9 - on offer buy one get one half price (£5.99 plus £3), a new pen for school 49p , some sweets and 10x 1p toys ( see my previous blog) . The shops have lots of sales at the moments, it easy to pick up lots of stuff but I resisted the temptation. Last stop was Boots. I had a £5 No 7 money off voucher that I had been given recently. I picked up a Christmas gift for someone, some fake eyelashes £7.50 but only £2.50 to pay with the money off voucher. So another gift in the kitty and a nice day into the bargain, and only £10 of real money spent, cash not credit !!!


  1. Days like that are fab! They make me feel in control and the master of my money and destiny.

  2. Hi FDU, I know I like them too, lots to do for very little. Hope your are ok x

  3. A brilliant day, enhanced by only spending £10.

    I like your style!

    Sft x

  4. Wow,fantastic!

    I like your style too!