Monday, 29 August 2011

School Uniform Stock Check

Its that time of year again when you have to buy new uniform so I have had a stock check today to see how we are fixed. I try and buy bits and pieces throughout the year to keep costs down but as this is my daughters last year at primary school, I am conscious not to buy stuff that won't get worn so we are going to try and make do with what we have. I have got her to try on last years uniform, the blouses are tight and so are the summer dresses so they will be donated to the school shop.
Winter Coat- Last years is still OK, fits well and has plenty of room. No replacement needed.
Fleece Jacket - I got one in the sale a few months ago in the school colour, reduced from £12.50 to £5.
School Cardigans - Still fit but I may have to get a new one. They have the school emblem sewn on so I can't get them from the supermarket. A new one will cost £15 but I may check in the school shop the first week back see if anyone has donated one in a bigger size.
Blouses - Managed to get a pack of 2 M&S blouses a few months ago for £3. My mom also bought her a 3 pack recently so she has 5 new blouses to wear.
Skirts- Last years still fit although a little short, I have told her to wear these with thick tights. She had a bigger size in stock from last year, when I got the other skirts from M&S. They had a deal on buy 2 get one free. Effectively the big skirt is the free one and it is quite long so will do nicely for this school year.
PE Kit - Lasts years fits so no replacement needed.
Pumps - Got these in the sale a while ago, reduced from £6 to £3.
School bag - Had to get a new one as last years had ripped and she will now have to carry a folder so the bag has to be big enough. Got a rucksack style bag which is big enough, reduced from £20 to £10. The bag also has reflectors which I like for the dark winter evenings.
School tights - I always buy these in summer when they are reduced. I got 2 three packs in the M&S sale a while ago, reduced to £2 per pack from £9.
Long socks - 5 pack , again reduced to £3 in M&S sale.

So all in all, not too bad and not much expense. Next year see's me buying the senior school uniform, so I will start saving each month from now so that next summer I have a lump sum to get it with. I can't stock pile for that as I don't know which school she will get a place at until early next year.


  1. Hi Miss Piggy, could you not buy a suppermarket cardi & cut the logo off an old one when your daughter grows out of it?

  2. Hi Kim, Unfortunately no because it is like a sweater style cardi and the logo is embroidered into it. Its not like a logo badge that you could sew on yourself. Its a pain really.

  3. Thanks for popping over to visit me,nice to meet another Midlander ( I grew up in Coventry).
    We do not have children, so never had to worry over new uniforms. Children here do not wear uniforms unless they are in Catholic or private schools but this time of year all the families are out buying new clothes for school. Most of the children we see coming out of school gates look a complete mess, so the new togs seem a waste of money.
    Jane x

  4. Hi,
    School uniforms are so expensive! Luckily this year I got given some winter uniforms from a friend and managed to get two others really cheap as they were discontinued. I am hoping the summer uniforms still fit for next month.

    Luckily we can claim uniform expenses on our tax her in Australia so we get a bit of the cash back then.

  5. hi Miss piggy bank, Its such an expensive time isnt it? My two are in high school now and the uniform is specialised.I think I can get away with just a new bag for my daughter as her uniform from last winter still fits,but my son is in the 6th form and they have just introduced a new uniform which he has too have.It seems such a waste for one year,but what can you do? take care,juliexxxx