Thursday, 2 June 2011

Time to tighten again

Like everyone else I have been doing the 'math' over the last few days. Things look OK but its easy part way through the month to let things slip. I'm determined not to do that this month. I need things from the shops but I'm not going as I don't want to be tempted to buy non essentials. I had to go into town on Tuesday. I made a list and stuck to it. We were only there about half an hour, I had everything I wanted so we came home. My daughter wanted to look around the book shop but I had to say no. Its a high street book shop and everything is full price. Yesterday I was home alone. My daughter went out with a friend to Drayton Manor Park and my husband was at work. I spent the whole day cleaning and washing. It was a lovely day and the washing line was full, the only problem now is the ironing basket is full. My daughter took money with her but she came home and hadn't spent anything. The other family had taken a picnic and drinks so she didn't even need to buy any refreshments. My husband came home late from work. After a day of cleaning I was tired and the 'old' me may have had a takeaway on a day like that. I'd used my initiative earlier and cooked a gammon joint from the freezer. It cooked as I was cleaning and then it was ready to eat. We ate that and have enough leftover for tonight and perhaps some sandwiches tomorrow.

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