Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Rising Energy Costs

Back in April I put an entry on called 'Two Nice Surprises'. Surprise Number Two was that we had overpaid our energy bills and they refunded us and reduced our monthly payment. I have read today that Scottish Power , our supplier, is raising energy costs again by 19% for gas and 10% for electricity. They estimate that the average family's bills will go up by around £200 per year. In February they wrote to me informing of a raise and that it was applied as from November 2010, ie three months earlier. That meant they had nicely covered the cold weather spell in December when everyone had the central heating on. It doesn't mention in the article when the raise is effective from but never the less we can exercise caution straight away. I wonder how much more expensive it will get in the coming months and years. The small changes we make to our everyday life could help us cut costs and avoid waste. My payments had gone down from £99 to £78 per month, I had planned to save the extra £21 but I will no doubt have my direct debit increased at some point in the forthcoming months. At least I have a small buffer to fall back on, if it goes much higher then it would be worrying. I think I will be permanently wrapped in my slanket come winter time. I am going to start to look round to see if there are any cheaper suppliers.


  1. Isn't is outrageous?! Here in NSW Aus our electricity is increasing 20% on the 1 July. I am hoping our solar hot water system will help minimise the dollar damage. The rise is just in time for our coldest months, cant imagine that is a coincidence.

  2. I was horrified to see the headlines again today, that prices were going up...again. I'm not sure when it's ever going to stop!!

    We pay £88 a month with Eon and they seem to be the cheapest for us at the moment..but it pays to keep checking all the time.

    Hopefully to can reduce yours a little :)

  3. Thanks Laura, I'm going to check out the alternatives over the next few days.

    Hi Lisa,its probably me but I can't imagine it being cold in Aus. Especially in July when its our summer. Just goes to show where ever we live its hitting us all.

  4. My hubby and I were discussing the price increases last night. We decided we would be wrapping up in our fleeces on an evening come autumn, and putting on extra layers of clothing rather than give the greedy b******s more of our hard earned cash.

  5. Hi Karen, I think we will all be doing that, sporting the michelin man look !!