Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Bargains in Birmingham

Had to go into Birmingham today and I got a few bargains to keep in stock for gifts. My husband had to buy his vitamins from Boots,on offer 3for2. So we picked up 6 months supply and paid only for 4. We paid for 3 each as they were giving a coupon per transaction which was £5 off No 7 and £5 off certain fragrances. We picked up two men's aftershaves, Calvin Klein should have been £17, was then on offer at £12.50 so with the £5 off we paid £7.50. The Lacoste should have been £24, was then on offer at £16 so we paid £11 after the £5 coupon was deducted. I will keep these in stock for Fathers Day and also my brothers birthday later in the year. From another store we found some Jamie Oliver champagne glasses reduced from £9.99 to £2.49. I picked these up for someones first wedding anniversary later this summer. I always try and get as many gifts in advance for birthdays and Christmas, money permitting. I especially like it when you can get decent things at very reasonable prices. Do you get gifts in advance or do you like to shop in December with the Christmas shoppers ?


  1. I love a good bargain, I got some quilt covers reduced from $40 to $2.89 not long ago and I put those away. It's a great a idea to stock a few gifts or make a few!

  2. Hi Lisa, I always used to buy loads before and always had in stock more than I ever needed. Over the last 18 months or so I have ran down my stock and now I only ever buy with a specfic person in mind. Thanks for your comment.