Thursday, 9 June 2011

Destination Devon

Tomorrow we are off to Devon for the weekend. We are going to stay with some family members until Sunday on the Jurassic Coast. We are visiting the Regency town of Sidmouth which is one of our favourite places. They have some great shops and I have mooched through the charity shops there before. They have decent stuff at very reasonable prices. The locals are very friendly and will often stop and chat which doesn't really happen where we live. When we are there we do simple things, hunt for fossils, walk along the promenade, climb the hill, visit the donkey sanctuary, eat fish and chips at the beach. Its the kind of place where you can really relax and the pace is a bit slower. We are looking forward to spending time together with the family. Its easy nowadays to get distracted with all the mundane things, the daily grind and the worry of the escalating cost of everything you have to buy just to live. But some of the best things are free, and the chance to spend quality time with people and have happy memories is , in my opinion, priceless. Have a great weekend .


  1. I love Devon...hope you had a great time :)