Monday, 6 June 2011

Eating well for less

One of the things that I like about living better for less is trying things that I may not normally buy. This is especially the case with food shopping. I look at things in the shops and think it looks tasty but it is too expensive so back on the shelf it goes. Tonight we had to pop to the supermarket to get bread and eggs. We picked up an own brand loaf for 60p as there was no reduced bread this evening. In the fresh aisle there was quite a few reductions but there was a bit of a mob looking through. I managed to get some eggs, dated June 12th at 10p a box ! The real price was £1.70 per box for 6 eggs. My usual eggs are the supermarkets own , 15 for £1.25 so I was very pleased with my 12 eggs for 20p. I also had some Thai salmon fishcakes, not my taste but hubby's, 30p from £2.50, 3 twin packs of rosemary and parsley flat breads 10p each from £1.10 and lastly some tasty looking spinach and feta parcels 10p from £1. Grand total £1.50. I especially like flat breads as you can make tasty little pizzas with them. Bye for Now .


  1. And flatbread freeze well too.

    Have you tried jamie olivers thrick of scruncing up some greaseproof paper, and running it under the tap.
    then wrap flatbreads in it and pop in hot oven for 5 minutes or so. It really makes them taste splendid - esp if they are a little old and tired.
    perhaps I should try this idea on myself, as I am feeling old and tired this evening too.

    blessings xx

  2. I only saw him do that last week when he was making a quiche so I will give it a go. I like to put goats cheese and red onion on mine,its sooooo tasty ! I think I should wrap myself in the greaseproof paper too, I'm feeling a bit old and tired too. Thanks Angela xx