Monday, 27 June 2011

BBQ Bargains

Another lovely day today. I took advantage of the great weather again by washing lots of bedding last night and it has all dried by the time I have returned home from work this afternoon. I have been planning ahead for my daughters birthday which is during the six week school break. She has been asking if she can have a sleepover with a few friends , we are yet to decide for definite but we do intend to have a BBQ at some point. When I have seen bargains I have picked them up in advance of an impromptu BBQ. The other week I got some lamb kebabs which I have frozen. When I went into the Co-op I saw they had some reductions and I spotted a few bargains. Two packs of Chicken which was reduced from £3 per pack to 75p and two packs of sausages at 52p per pack. I don't know their original price but they were on offer for two packs for £5. When I got to the till the girl scanned the first pack of chicken 75p, then the second pack came through at £1. I was just about to chirp up when I noticed that the till then made the multi save deduction. So she carried on with the shopping and I then surveyed my bill at the end. Although the second pack did go through at £1, it then took another £1 off so I had the 2 packs of chicken , worth £6 for 75p. The sausages did go through at 52p each = £1.04, but then the multi save deducted 58p so the sausages came to 46p. I was quite surprised by this as most shops now don't have the multi save if the item is reduced. I have put a picture of the recept so you can see.


  1. Great meat bargains! Here in australia meat is fairly expensive especially lamb! Always good to think ahead too.

  2. What an incredible saving! I thought most supermarkets had wised up to reduced items being still part of the multi-save. It's all about finding the right time to shop!