Friday, 24 June 2011

More Freebies

My husband has been away on a course this week and has returned home today. I waited eagerly to see what he had bought home with him, sad I know !! He had bought home the usual hotel freebies, soaps and shower gels but this time he also bought back a pair of slippers. Now in recent years I have had slippers from the high street shops for Christmas and by Easter they are fit for the bin. The last pair of hotel slippers I acquired lasted ages and were also washable. Also from the course he bought me back a blue canvas shopper bag and a little black note book, both of which will come in very useful. I might use the note book as a spending diary as it is small enough to fit in my hand bag.


  1. Nice freebies! My feet are aching for a new pair of slippers!

  2. It's been cold here at 16 degrees at night!!! Crazy weather for the tropics. I would love slippers as socks are dangerous on our slippery concrete floors.

  3. LOL! I always wait to see what my hubby's brings home too! Last time it was two tjshirts, a drink bottle, notepads, highlighters,pens and a backpack. That was one of the better goody bags!