Saturday, 25 June 2011

Lazy Day

It has rained all day here and it is more like autumn than summer. We have had a lazy day pottering about at home. I have made these cakes today, carrot cakes, that were skulking at the back of the cupboard. They were BBE April 2011 but I hadn't cooked them earlier as the recipe is intended for it to be a big cake and I haven't got any cake tins. Then it occurred to me the other day that I don't need cake tins, I will just use paper cases instead which I had in stock. I don't normally go for ready made cake mixes but I recall it being on offer and it got thrown in the trolley some time ago. The mix made about 30 cakes and I used the cheese icing filling to ice the tops. They were a big hit and we have been munching them all afternoon. For dinner this evening we have had salmon fillets. It was a really tasty meal and the plates were all empty. The fillets I had bought a few weeks ago , on offer at 99p each. We had asparagus £1 and some green beans 50p with the fillets. I made a garlic mash using up some leftover garlic butter. I used half a bag of the potatoes I bought for £1. So our tasty meal cost roughly £5, not bad at around £1.66 each.

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  1. Hi those cakes look lovely. I always find it hard when I bake to not quaff them all. Its a good idea little carrot cakes. I wonder if you have some left too!