Wednesday, 25 April 2012

My wasteful past

Last night whilst cooking dinner, I thought about my wasteful past, in particular with food and shopping. Last night I had the oven on with lots of stuff cooking inside. I cooked chicken and haggis and also Yorkshire puddings. There was some mix left over , previously I would have poured it away but now I keep it for breakfast pancakes the following day. There was enough haggis and mashed potatoes left for my husband to have some at lunch and my daughter to have some tonight for her dinner, previously after the evening meal any leftovers would have been binned. My daughter made Angel Delight for pudding, again we had some each but there was enough left over for her to have a portion for desert tonight. Also last night I made a chili to freeze. In went the left over onions, peppers and mushrooms. The chili was then portioned up and frozen for quick meals on busy evenings. Years ago, and I remember this quite distinctly, on a Sunday evening anything that I had not used over the weekend I would bin and then buy fresh in the week. How much money and food must I have wasted over the years ? Nowadays anything gets kept and even the odd left over bit of onion may get thrown into an omelette or a toastie. Another thing that gets eaten in our house now is the crust of the bread. I usually toast this but in bygone times it went in the bin as well. My favourite thing that I have rescued from the plug hole is the vegetable water. I use this now to make gravy and it so much tastier. What did I do before ?, flicked the kettle on and boiled more water like I imagine a lot of other people also do !


  1. My Mum used to throw things out that were still okay - since I've been more vocal about it she splits things into portions and freezes them, or has the same meal two days running. You must have seen a massive reduction in your food spending since you changed .

  2. Hi Scarlett. I try to do that, halve portions and have meals over 2 days. Last week my husband has gammon 3 days running, he does like gammon but was getting a bit fed up !

  3. Nice one! By saving all that food you must be shaving a LOT off your shopping costs!

    I reeeeally don't like the crust of bread though... :(

  4. Wouldn't it be lovely to go back in time and change our wasteful ways :)

    In my case it would be wasting money.

    Oh well, it's what we do now that counts.

    SFT X

    1. Yes mine would be not wasting money as well x

  5. It's funny that the things we used to do all the time now seem crazy to us isn't it!

  6. It is frightening how much food gets thrown by people, even people with not much money! It seems crazy now.