Saturday, 7 April 2012

Happy Easter

Hi people and welcome to some new followers, they are Caroline, Julie , Never too old and VW Paul. Thanks for joining!

Apologies again for the lack of posts recently. Time is flying by and its hard to believe we are now in April ! We are settling into the new place well. This week I had to go back to the old house and collect some mail. It was weird in that it had no hold on me, I didn't feel sad or sentimental. In fact I felt rather glad I no longer live there. We have seen a house that we like, but time will tell and so many things are out of our control, I'm conscious not to get my hopes up. We are still saving where possible and trying to keep an eye on the finances, any spare cash gets put into the moving house pot. This sounds ridiculous but I find it hard sometimes to stay focused. When we were paying off debt we could see it coming down but now we are saving, sometimes it is easy to get carried away and think ' we can buy that, it'll be ok''. Saying that it is very satisfying to see the balance grow , just need to keep my eye on the prize.

Have a Happy Easter and a great Bank Holiday weekend.


  1. I have that problem now that I am out of debt too. It's easy to slip back into spending. One thing I've been thinking about is the power of compound interest. When you're saving, you're earning more than just 3% that year (or whatever the APR is). You're earning 3% a year on it as long as you save it, maybe even forever!

    Then again, I am saving up to move house too, so the interest isn't really a good motivator for that!

  2. Hi Bryallen. I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds it easy to slip. Stay Strong !

  3. Keep your eyes on the prize. What about a savings bar like the ones I have on my blog?

    Great to hear from you.

    Sft x