Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Larry Crowne

Watched a good film last night, for free , Larry Crowne. I'd seen it advertised at the cinema last year but at £8 a ticket I don't often go at full price. This was a film we watched via our free film subscription. Its about a middle aged man who gets made redundant and starts college. Its a feel good film and he basically makes new friends and turns his life around. I read a review of the film today and one person described it as a real view of America not glamorised by Hollywood, where people are too rich for welfare but too poor to save. I thought that last sentence was quite indicative of how people are today in the UK with the way things are going.


  1. Hi hope you are well, I love feel good filmshave not seen this one will make a note of it x
    Good luck with the house fingers crossed , its great you have sold yours and that side is sorted out already xx

    1. Hi Mrs No Spend. Thanks, it is worth watching if you can beg or borrow a copy of someone.

  2. It sounds a bit like Educating Rita...which I loved.
    Jane x

  3. Hi Jane, I've never actually seen that film. May have to add that to my list to watch. xx

  4. Thanks for the film review Miss Piggy Bank. Shall take note of the title and try and watch that one : )

    Karen x

  5. Thanks for the film tip. I need to watch 101 for my challenge.

    Sft x