Sunday, 29 April 2012

Meal out

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Feeling a bit of cabin fever this week as I have not gone out at all. My daughter was sleeping over at a relatives last night so my husband decided we could go out for a meal, partly for a treat but partly because he has been head chef all this week. We went to a local Indian restaurant where we have been before. However last night it was really busy, they had two big parties in there. Consequently it took us almost two hours to have our starter and our main. The food was nice but it took too long. The starter took nearly an hour to come out but this is where common sense should kick in. If I was the owner would send over a few complimentary poppadoms, smile and explain the delay, try and keep people happy and distracted so they are not ravenous by the time the food arrives. After we ate the food I must admit I didn't feel full, and the bill was over £30. Years ago I would have not given that a second thought but nowadays I do feel cheated. Never mind :-(


  1. Bloody hell! Sorry but that is unacceptable! I've worked in a few restaurants and if people waited anything for even 30 minutes they usually refund the meal! Even if it was busy, they should have explained that there would be a long wait and did you still want to have dinner? Definitely some free stuff while you wait too!

    Don't stand for that sort of thing!

    Hope you enjoyed each other's company anyway. :)

  2. Oh you poor love, that sounds like a nightmare, you're much more patient than me, I would have left! Having worked in retail before my career change I'm often amazed at the lack of savvy shown by businesses, I would have done exactly as you suggested and you'd have left having had a much better experience and you'd be more likely to return and to recommend them to others. x