Thursday, 12 April 2012

Freezer Audit

I'm feeling a little bit better each day and have tried to get things done. I'm back to work on Monday and back into the routine of school, activities etc so I want to be organised up front. The ironing and clothes mountain I intend to conquer tomorrow but today I have ventured into the freezer to check on whats in stock. Again, I am trying to use everything up before buying more however sometimes you go shopping in autopilot and buy more stuff that gets thrown in. I did throw a couple of suspicious looking items away but here's what I have , all listed, present and correct;

2 gammon steaks, packet of turkey mince, 2 packs of beef mince, 2 tuna steaks, 3 salmon steaks, box of spare ribs, pack of beef stewing steak, chicken, haggis, packet of spinach tortellini, 2 packets of pesto ravioli, 1kg gammon joint , tray of garlic potatoes, pack of chorizo croquettes and a Jamaican beef pattie.

This evening I have also made a big cottage pie for our dinner. I have also made enough for an individual portion and a double portion - and guess where the extra portions are going - straight in the freezer !! These will be good for midweek meals when I am pressed for time and the individual one , my daughter will eat when we eat chilli as she is not that keen on it. I hope to get through that food stock in the next week of so and try not to go to the supermarket.


  1. Glad to hear that you're feeling a bit better.I love taking a small amount of something out of the freezer and making lots of things with it. I need to make some more vegetarian mince and veg pies for KL- a job for next week when she's back at college.

  2. Great that you're feeling better.

    I love cottage pie.

    Sft x

  3. Hi glad you are feeling better. I need to get more organised with food shopping. Hubby has been doing it & its not always as frugal!x

  4. Glad you're feeling better. That's quite a stockpile! I just bought some BBQ ribs on offer that I threw in my stuffed freezer. You've inspired me to do a freezer audit (and to cook the ribs tomorrow). Thanks!