Thursday, 19 January 2012

Topping up the Freezer

Good Morning and a nice surprise today to find four new followers, they are Mrs Thrifty, Jo, Kim H and another Mrs Thrifty, welcome and thank you all for joining.

All this week I have been using up what I've got. On Sunday we had a roast and I made double of everything so we could have the same again on Monday. On Tuesday we had fishfingers and mash, then last night we had sausage and mash. The big bag of potatoes has now gone. Tonight my friend is coming over and we are having a takeaway so I am having a night off from cooking. The freezer was looking a bit bare but I topped it up last night at Sainsburys. I had to pop in for something. They are doing a good offer at the moment with towels but as we don't need any I didn't bother looking. I saw my favourite member of staff, the one holding the yellow sticker machine and he was reducing the stuff. There was a bit of a crowd but I managed to get what they had left. I picked up;

Chicken Breast Roasts , 2 packs at 79p each reduced from £4. They have a breast with stuffing, wrapped in bacon and a sausage.
Lamb Leg Steaks, 99p reduced from £4
Steak Pie, 79p reduced from £3.49
Pancetta and Parmesan sausages , 2 packs with 6 in each, 59p reduced from £2.79
Steak Diane Sauce, 2 sachets 25p each reduced from £1.50
Strawberry Cheesecake, 2 reduced from £1 to 15p each. These were sickly sweet and not very nice. Glad I only paid 15p.

I have at least 4 meals and I paid just over £5 for the lot. They had lots of bread reduced but I knew I didn't have much freezer space. I just about managed to get this little lot in. Have you picked up any bargains lately ?


  1. Some excellent finds! I managed to get a big french baguette for 2p yesterday. Mmmm :) It was lovely and fresh, it's just they have to bake them fresh each day.

  2. Some really good buys there. I don't shop often enough these days to be able to pick up bargains:(

  3. I have discovered that Tuesday evening is a good day for the Yellow Sticker Guy in our Sainsburys. But currently trying to avoid shops this month and only eat what's in the cupboards. You did well with your little hoard

    blessings x

  4. Those are great reductions MPB!

    Not been food shopping for a few weeks.

    Sft x

  5. We rarely drop on bargains because we tend to go shopping saturday mornings for convenience.Maybe we should try mid week evening shopping.You got some real bargains there.I might have passed on the sweetstuff though!

  6. Well done you - great savings! Oh and the 2 Mrs Thriftys were both me because every time I joined a blog it joined me from my google account and my blog automatically - I managed (with my son's help) to work out how to stop this happening. x