Sunday, 29 January 2012

Bargains at Boots

Good Evening and a very warm welcome to the three new followers who have joined today, they are greenflag, Fariha and applevalley.

I had to go into Birmingham today with my husband. I had a quick look in Boots for any sale bargains that were lingering around the store. I had a good walk round , couldn't see anything then spotted the treasure close to the tills. Today's treasure was toys. I'm doing well with my gifts in stock for next Christmas, I have made a detailed list and everything is packed together in one place ready for the festive season. I spotted the toys under the 75% off banner. There was a lot of baby toys which I didn't bother with but I picked up these little gems ;
Star Wars Lego £26 reduced to £6.50
Meccano set £20 reduced to £5
Duplo Farm £10 reduced to £2.50
My First Duplo £10 reduced to £2.50....................Grand Total £16.50 with a saving of £49.50!!

I couldn't believe my luck. I now have some birthday presents as well to go in stock. Interestingly we went into WH Smith and they had the Star Wars Lego at £35.99, imagine my glee when I saw that with my £6.50 Lego safely in my bag.

So folks if you have any spare time/cash get down to Boots and bag the last of the bargains.


  1. Those are amazing bargains!

    You must be delighted.

    Sft x

  2. what great deals, we have a big container of Lego in the basement ready for when we have grandchildren.

    Gill in Canada

  3. Wow, what terrific buys! I wish we had Boots here in Australia. I used to love going there when I was in the U.K.

  4. Hi Miss Piggy Bank, glad you found my new blog. Did intend to send a comment to all my old followers but only got a few sent so far. You got some great bargains from Boots. We only have a small Boots in the town near us which does not have much Christmas stock in. I went to have a look Friday to see if they had anything but all the shelves had been cleared.

    Karen x

  5. Great bargains,lovely too!xxx

  6. Great finds! I snapped up bottles of Colgate mouthwash reduced to £1.30 at Boots yesterday. I didn't even think to look in the toy section. I have a gift box of kid toys for parties, etc. that I keep for kid parties (and they are coming much more frequent). I'll have to look out next time I'm in Boots. Thanks for the tip!

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