Saturday, 28 January 2012

Last of the Sale Bargains and return of the missing Christmas Cards

Whilst delcuttering the missing Christmas Cards turned up. They had been hiding in with some of my husbands paperwork so now they are safely in the 'card bag' ready to be used next Christmas. I hate losing anything and it drove me mad trying to find them !

Last week when I was in town I nipped into Boots as they were advertising 75% off. There wasn't much left to be honest. I picked up a Wallace & Gromit Rocket soap reduced from £4 to £1 and two White Cranberry soaps reduced from £6 to £1.50 each. I was surprised by how nice the soaps smelt. I am keeping these for gifts for the two Guide leaders next Christmas.

Then I went in Matalan. I don't usually go in this shop but they had various sale items, nothing really took my fancy until I saw the costume jewellery. My daughters really into this so I picked a few bits to keep in stock for her birthday and Christmas. I bought a pearl necklace and bracelet set £6 down to £1, chunky bead bracelet £4 down to 50p, Silver Shape necklace £6 down to £1 and a leopard print corsage/hair accessory £5 to 50p. Things like this she really likes, mixes and matches with her clothes and they are nice, inexpensive stocking fillers.


  1. great deals, just remember where you put them!!!!

    I am forever putting things in a safe place and never finding them again....

    Gill in Canada

  2. Hi

    I have just found your blog and am enjoying reading it.

    I notice you are from the West Midlands and thinking about moving. I too am from the West Midlands (Solihull) and moved last year. Your comment about the family firm working harder is spot on. We had ours up with Hunters, who promised a lot but did not sell it. We sold through Xact and I would recommend them. Good luck with the move.

  3. Yes, I keep a christmas gift box and label a box with all my cards.

    I hate losing things.

    Sft x

  4. Great bargains!I'm in awe of your organisation! I bet you always have a little something put by for that forggotten birthday,etc. happy week ahead ,lots of love,juliexxx