Sunday, 8 January 2012

Busy week

Hello dear readers and a big welcome to my new follower The Log Cabin, thank you for joining.

I've had a busy week this week. Back to work and school and getting into a routine again after the Christmas break. I had the day off on Wednesday so we took down all the decorations and put away the remaining clutter from Christmas. I gave the house a good clean but it does look rather bare now ! I have recycled all the gift bags and ribbons/wrappings for next year, some things are so lovely it is a shame to throw them away. I have also been given chocolates for Christmas which to be honest I can't face eating. In previous years they would have been long gone by now but I just don't fancy them. I am going to regift them over the next few months, I always regift if I won't use an item. So people regard this as wrong, but I think it is wrong to waste something , its better used elsewhere in my opinion.
   We have also been busy doing jobs in the house, my husband is cleaning the shower cubicle as we are going to renew the sealant. I have got five more bags of rubbish for the tip. The decorating upstairs is almost complete, just need to give the bathroom a quick lick of white paint to freshen it up. We have also called some local estate agents as we want to put the house on the market asap. They are coming later in the week to give us a free market valuation. Once we know the figure, we can start doing some sums and make plans.
I just hope someone wants to buy it !!
    I have also been buying a few more bits and pieces for my gift stock. There have been some good reductions. I haven't walked the town but when I have been in shops I have had a quick look. In Sainsburys I bought this gift set for my daughters friend who is having a party in a few weeks, £1.50 reduced from £5. The mug set was from Dunelm and I picked that up for a gift for the class teacher for when they leave in summer, this I was very pleased with , £1.24 reduced from £5. There is a mug, coaster and a little tea tray. Recently in Boots they gave me two £5 off No 7 vouchers. There was nothing I wanted but then I noticed that they do No7 for men. I picked up two shaving gels £6.75 each but using the voucher I paid £1.75 each. These will go into stock for either Fathers Day or Christmas stocking fillers. I also saw some reductions online for Debenhams. I got two dressing gowns for relatives, reduced from £21 to £10 each. One has arrived, it is really thick and fluffy. I'm keeping these for Christmas as well. Some of my work mates think I am absolutely bonkers buying ahead but I think if you are able to , you should as you can get good bargains.


  1. I regift things too, and so does my Mum. She received some 'smellies' that she didn't want , so gave them to me just before Christmas so that I could give them to J's mum as part of her gift. I also buy things ahead, and put them in the ottoman, ready for the occasion they are needed for. As my Dad used to say 'They're not eating anything', and it saves me money in the long run.I also buy quite a lot of secondhand gifts from charity shops and carboots , so have to buy them when I see them. She who hesitates loses out! You will be able to feel very smug as next Christmas approaches and your colleagues are worrying about what to buy and how they are going to afford it. You should have Christmas almost wrapped up by then! Good luck with the planned house move.

  2. Absolutely agree - as long as you remember what you have bought in advance and where you have stashed it!

  3. You've picked up some brilliant bargains! I too have been buying ahead for birthdays and Christmas. Any way to spread the cost (and take advantage of bargains!) is very welcome indeed!

    Best Wishes
    Frugal Wife

  4. Hi Scarlet, Angela and Frugal Wife. I agree, spread the cost and the hassle of Christmas. I keep all my gifts together and also make a list so I know who's having what. I also look in charity shops and car boots but of late , i have found the charity shops to be quite expensive.

  5. A great post!

    We've made a start with next year's presents too and will buy what we can throughout the year.

    Saves on the money and the stress doesn't it!

    Sft x

  6. I used to do that, but as I have cut out so many people I don't start as early with the Christmas shopping. I do however put $20 a week away in a pot for Christmas, already saved up $80.

    Gill in Canada

  7. Nice one! Regifting is totally fine by me. As long as the present is still in good condition, why not pass it on to someone who'll enjoy it? I wouldn't mind in the slightest if someone gave me something like that.

    Well done you for getting ahead of the game!

  8. I think regifting is just fine. I'd rather something be given to someone who will enjoy it/find it useful then it collect dust somewhere.