Monday, 2 January 2012

2012 - Back in the Black

Happy New Year !!

This year , for the first time in 16 years , we have began the year debt free. No credit cards, overdrafts or loans. In fact we ended the year with a credit balance of £249,  which I am highly delighted with after all the expense of Christmas and New Year . We spent New Year with friends in Devon and got back home today. On the mat was a gas bill. I opened it with great enthusiasm, strange you probably think but I had put the money away for it so I was keen to see the amount. It came in at £95 less than I anticipated so I have an extra £95 to put away. I really hope to make more progress this year and get into the habit of good saving and also careful spending.

Thank you frugal friends for your support in 2011 and I hope that we can all make great progress in 2012.
See you soon x


  1. Hi Michelle, Happy New Year. Thank you, it is an amazing feeling. After years of cards etc it is great to feel in control again.

  2. Well done, here's to 2012 and more great moments like that xx

  3. That's fabulous - especially being well in the black after Christmas. I've just had my gas bill, and am still over £120 in credit, despite only paying £33 per month.
    Thankyou for the Liebster. I will blog about it tomorrow. x

  4. What a wonderful way to start the 2012!!! Go You!!! Looking forward to hearing of all your other "winnings" this year.

  5. Hey, well done! Just hope I can do even half as well in 2012!

    K xx

  6. Well done you!!! keep it up sister

    blessings xx

  7. Yaaay! :) Congrats on being in the black. I realised that with my emergency fund I too am in the black! If all goes to plan I will stay that way, however my car has started making a worrying noise. It's booked into the garage tomorrow morning, with the strict instructions for them not to begin any repairs for over £100 without consulting me first!!