Tuesday, 3 January 2012

My Just Perfect

I have just been reading Tales from Beyond the Nook and today's entry Just perfect.............. regarding the presents received over Christmas and I thought I would share my pressies with you as well. It was also my birthday in December and I had a few pressies then as well;

Birthday ;

A pair of fleece pyjama bottoms which I had from a friend .These were exactly what I wanted and I was really pleased to received them.
Hot Styling Brush. I saw this earlier in the year and toyed with the idea of getting one. A relative got me one for a surprise. It is really good for quick styling and drying my mop of unmanageable hair.
Cash. Always useful, I have saved it and not spent it.
Just Dance 3. To try and dance away those extra inches
Skin Care & Toiletries. Always welcome to add to the depleting stock
Body Shop White Musk Eau De Toilette. My favourite , not too heavy or expensive


More Skincare & Toiletries. Based on what I received last year it saw me through until Christmas 2011. I hope this years haul will do the same.
Big box of Thornton's. Naughty but nice.
Cash. I have saved this and added it to the birthday coffers
Framed picture of my daughter. Nice gift of a snap shot of my daughter over the summer.
Wine. In the cupboard waiting for a nice occasion
Pair of China Mugs.

I was pleased with my December goodies and the fleece Pyjama bottoms are excellent, so warm and toasty.

What presents did you get ?


  1. Oh they sound lovely gifts. I would love those pj bottoms too. I love anything that keeps me warm at night.

    Framed pictures are a lovely gift too. My nephew gave me a photo of us all in Swaziland which brings back happy memories for me when I see it.

    Cash-always handy. We used all our Xmas cash to go to Cornwall but I think what I got for my birthday shall be squirreled away for some summer sandals.

    Lovely post, I enjoyed Scarlet's too.

    Sft x

  2. My husband surprised me by getting me kitchen counters. I have been cooking on plywood since we gut renovated the house. We were waiting/looking for just the right deal, and finally the price was right. I got granite counters for $100 more than the "temporary" laminate counters would have cost 4 years ago, had we purchased it. So glad we waited and didn't waste his hard earned money!

  3. I also had a birthday in December. I shall post my goodies shortly on my blog. You have received some lovely gifts.

  4. Thanks Ladies. Yes I did recieve some lovely gifts, the only downside to a December birthday is you receive everything at the same time of the year. I am hoping to buy a new net book with my cash, but I need to save a bit more towards it first.

  5. Hi Miss PiggyBank,
    What a good idea.
    I got gift tokens, which will most likely be used to buy prezzies for others throughout the year, smellies, tins of biscuits and sweets, wine. A new clock and matching candle holders. A Kindleand some cash which we put towards our trip to Scotland at New Year.
    My birthday is tomorrow and I know what you mean abut getting everything at once

  6. Thank you for the birthday wishes, Miss PiggyBank

  7. Thank you so much for awarding me a liebster award, I am thrilled that you like my blog. Sorry I am so long in replying or saying thank you but as you will know, I have no internet and not enough hours in the day at the moment!

  8. What lovely presents and congrats on the birthday.X

  9. Hey--Just had to say your blog name is genius!