Sunday, 15 January 2012

Crunching the numbers

Thank you to my new follower Pink Fairy Vicky, thanks for joining.

The estate agents have been round this week, three local agents and now we have three valuations, one high , one medium and one low. To be fair, the lowest one is probably the most accurate and interestingly that agent has the lowest fees, which are less than half of the other two. It is also an independent family owned business as opposed to the other two which are part of national chains. I think that the family business would work harder for the customer. So now we have figures to work with. I am going to ask for a redemption statement as well this week from the bank to see what the mortgage balance is. We have been on the variable rate for a few years so we won't have any redemption penalties to pay for paying the loan off early.
I think I'm going to have to get a bigger notepad for all the sums we will be doing !


  1. Has anything similar to yours sold recently in the local area? If so, you could search online to find the actual price that it achieved. We did that before moving- it confirmed what we thought was a reasonable price for ours, and gave us an idea of the prices achieved in the area we wanted to buy. Deciding on an agent is difficult, so I wish you good luck.

  2. This is very exciting and I do hope you soon have some good news.

    You deserve it.

    Sft x

    Hi Pinky Fairy Vicky!

  3. Hi Scarlet, yes we look on the internet so have an idea . I really don;t like estate agents, my experience of them has always been bad. I know i shouldnt tar them all with the same brush.
    Hi SFT, I hope I have good news as well. I really want to be moving on. Hope this year is 'our' year :-)

  4. Awwww Thanks for the welcome and Hi SFT!

    The sale of my flat is just going through and the lowest valuation was, in truth, the most accurate. I tried it on the market for a month at the mid valuation and didnt get a viewing. I would say its worth going with the mid one and seeing how it goes, you can always lower it.


  5. You might find as well that the family firm will have better knowledge of the local market. When we sold our last house two national chains gave high valuations to get our business. The local agent advised us what to put the house on the market for, and what we were likely to get - he was right and we sold relatively quickly. Good luck!

  6. I just found your blog and love it! We are in the middle of a bad snow storm and we rarely get snow that sticks so I am wasting time on the blogs! Great posts very inspiring.

  7. Hi Out my window. Thanks for leaving a comment, I'm glad you enjoy it. Stop by again :-)