Sunday, 2 October 2011

Getting Organised for October

September has flown by so quickly and it was a very busy month for us. Our senior school application is now logged on line so we have our fingers crossed for that, we hear on March 1st if as to where we have been successful. I took the opportunity today to try and get ahead for the month. I have sat down and looked at the 'books' which looks very healthy. We have £201 left to pay on the credit card so all being well that should be gone very soon. I have done a stock check of the freezer and meal planned for the forthcoming week. Its so good to know 'where we are at', the last few weeks felt very disorganised indeed ! This afternoon I'm having a good tidy up and my goal is to iron the big pile that has accumulated. Then a nice relaxing evening with Downton Abbey.


  1. I'm busy preparing freezer meals, and washing everything in sight as I am going to the UK at the end of October... leaving hubby in charge of the cats and birds. Good news on your credit card!
    Jane x

  2. October is my getting organised month too. September has been a shocker. I've already had some successes. I had a market stall today and brought home some extra cash.

    Not sure if you saw my post on my shocker September. Lots of people missed it as I posted 3 times that evening. Not a good idea.

    Cheering you on :-)

  3. Sounds like you've come through September chaos and are organised for October. I feel the same!

    So exciting that the credit card will soon be gone?

    Is that your final debt?

    I'm tackling some of my ironing pile now!

    Enjoy Downton Abbey, we will!

    Sft x

  4. September was crazy for me also, I'm hoping October is more calm.