Monday, 10 October 2011

My A-Z

Age - 36 in December
Bed Size - Has to be King Size
Chores I Hate - All of them but specifically ironing
Dog- If we were to have one it would be a Pug
Essential Start to Day - Cup of tea
Favourite Colour- Black, boring I know !
Gold or Silver - Gold
Height - 5ft 7
Interests - Travel, Cinema, Meeting people
Job Title - Clerical Officer
Kids - One daughter
Live - West Midlands
Mothers Name - I've always called her Mom
Nickname - Whatever daft mood my husband is in, depends upon the name at that given time
Overnight Hospital Stays - Maternity, Tonsillectomy
Pet Peeves- Bad manners, being ignored.
Quote from film - ' I hate manure' , Back to the Future
Right/Left handed - Right
Siblings - Two brothers
Time you wake - 7.30 ish, sometimes its more ish than 7.30 !
Underwear - Black/white cotton
Vegetables you hate - Cauliflower, swede, broccoli
What makes you late - Usually other people !
X Rays- Teeth, Arm, Neck
Yummy Food I make - Omelette's
Zoo Animal - Elephants


  1. Ugh, ironing. Is there really any point? I mean I iron shirts for work but apart from that... The other extreme is my boyfriend's mum, who irons everything from jeans to underpants!

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  3. Typo last time ! Totally agree. Give things a good shake then put on a hanger, works most times

  4. The one thing I can never and WILL never give up is my ironing lady. I know that makes me sound a bit upper crust but at £10 for 30 items it's not really breaking the bank and tbh I detest ironing so much that it's worth it to me.

    K xx

  5. i think certain things you can justify if you can offset them, how long would it take you to stand and iron the 30 items when you could be having fun. i have used the ironing people myself in the past when i have come back from holiday and have a mountain range of clothes stacked up. they can be very useful :-)