Monday, 10 October 2011

Happy Monday

Hello and welcome to Sandra who is my latest follower.
Today has been a Happy Monday. Rather pleasant day at work although tension still looms in the air. After work a quick trip to the dentist for my six monthly check up. Teeth are doing fine so £17 and five minutes later I am on my way home. I always have to chuckle to myself when the dentist says 'would you like a clean and polish?', I always say ' yes please' whilst thinking I am paying for one !! After school my daughter tells me she has had two invitations ; one to go to a friends house on Saturday , the other to go to the cinema after school this week with another friend. It seems just lately that her social life is far better than ours ! Nice family meal around the table at tea time and then we went for our evening walk together. Back home nice and early to relax. I just checked the bank accounts on line and my husband has had his joining incentive paid into his new bank account today, £100 - that will do nicely. It is 'already spent' as it will go towards paying off the remaining balance of the credit card.

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  1. Well done on the incentive-£100 is great money!

    Sft x