Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Table Top Goodies

Good Evening Bloggers and welcome to my new follower Susan.

Tonight I have been mooching through the table top goodies at the place where my daughter goes to Guides. I saw a nice glass tea light holder but forgot about it until I'd got back home. They have a rail now with clothes so I took the opportunity to have a look through. I never see any of the other Moms looking which is good really as more bargains for me. For myself ,I am awkward to clothe anyway so I never really pick up anything for me but I do look for my daughter. Although she is only ten years old, she is quite tall so she can get away with some ladies clothes size 8 depending on the fit. Tonight I stumbled upon a brand new Regatta fleece, with the label still attached , and a jacket which is from Primark. I paid 50p each and I was really thrilled with them. My daughter likes the fleece and is pleased with the jacket , so much so that she wants to wear it for school tomorrow. We also picked up a book from the Percy Jackson series, which she is currently into. This was 30p and would have been £6.99 full price. I will be surveying the clothes rail each week to see what I can find. At a glance it does mainly look like clothing for the mature lady, but as tonight has shown its always worth taking a closer look.