Wednesday, 19 October 2011

New Years Eve is getting closer.....

Good Morning and welcome to my new follower Pamela.

Yes, New Years Eve is getting closer and it is only ten weeks away. Now in itself , that doesn't bother me, what does bother me is that we aim to put our house up for sale in the New Year and its nowhere near ready. We have made some progress by decluttering and getting rid of useless objects that we have stored needlessly for donkeys years. The house inside , we intend to give a fresh coat of paint and I have the paint already in stock. I just want to freshen it up and not spend a fortune. The garden is looking a bit weedy so hubby will be giving that a good clear up soon ahead of the winter weather. The bathroom was given a makeover about 18 months ago with new tiling and carpet so that still looks good. Finally a friend has a carpet cleaner so we will clean all the carpets as well. The only cash outlay we have to make is for a new carpet in the front reception room. It was about ten years old when we moved in 16 years ago and it is frankly an area that we have neglected. Its a shame really because it is an Axminster carpet and the quality is there but it is a creamy colour with a really dated pattern and because it is in the very front reception, it hits you as you walk in. I am reluctantly going to buy a new one as I think it would put people off. I think if I can make the house look clean, fresh and neutral then that should be OK. I am thinking of accessorising around the house with bits and pieces, ie coloured cushions etc to add a bit of visual interest. I'm hoping that 2012 will be the year we can sell up and move on.


  1. You sound really organised to me! Wish you the best luck in the world with selling your house. Where are you moving to?

    Sft x

  2. White walls, neutral carpets and curtains and vases of fresh flowers work wonders. Good luck.x

  3. here in Canada we have always sold out houses in February, which is really strange as that is the coldest most miserable, longest month of the year over here, in my opinion.

    Put down a relatively plain carpet in the living room, one that would go with everyone's furniture. Mind you hardwood or laminate flooring is a big thing over here. I guess it depends on who you are trying to attract to buy the place?

    I have bought and sold a number of houses in my time!!!

    Gill in Canada

  4. I think that's smart. I once talked to a realtor who said that the best thing you can do is what you're doing--declutter, clean up, and make a few minor changes (perhaps a new carpet if it's needed, or a fresh coat of paint).

  5. I agree with SFT, you are so organised ,you put me to shame. Hope your having a great

  6. Thanks Ladies. My husband wants to paint everything white but I think for our particular house, which is traditional and not modern, I dont think it would suit. I have got a pale creamy colour. The carpet I am just go for a plain one, as suggested. Other than that it will be sparkling clean windows, flowers and fingers crossed.