Thursday, 29 September 2011

September Goodies

Hello and welcome to my new follower Bryallen, thanks for stopping by.

The last two weeks have been so hectic and I am well and truly cream crackered !! I thought I would share with you tonight some of my recent acquisitions that I picked up over the last few weeks,

This is my favourite, a gold lidded pot that now lives on the mantel piece and houses odd little things. I got it at the church table top sale for the grand price of 50p. I think it has an exotic look about it but in fact it is a high street piece, with the M&S price tag of £6 still on the bottom.

Last week the paper bag on the left hand side was pushed through the letter box. We had to put it on the doorstep the following day if we wanted a free box of cereal worth £2.49. The cereal is nice, tastes even nicer when its free !

A new Playtex bra found in the oddment bin in a department store, £2.50 originally £22.50. The colour is not the best , its called antique rose which I would describe as boil wash pink ! But for £2.50 can't complain.

Clark's Shumagic polish 50p each reduced from £2.50. This goes on really well and is a quality shoe polish. Not a huge choice of colours but I picked up navy and brown. I have a pair of 'well loved' brown winter boots that I will be treating to some Shumagic very soon.

That's all for now. Have you picked up any bargains lately ?


  1. Wow, great bargains. It is rare to be given something absolutely free with no strings attached, so the cereal is a particularly good one!

  2. Love the lidded pot - isn't it great when you pick something up for pennies and the original price tag is on the bottom? The polish reminds me of cleaning the girls' shoes when they were little- it always smelled lovely.

  3. Not been shopping much lately but I love your bargains and the free cereal of course!

    Sft x