Monday, 26 September 2011

School Trip; Time to start saving

Tonight's meeting was 'Meet the Teacher'. My daughters school do this each year in September and they talk you through the class work for the year and anything else that you may need to know. The teacher announced that the children will be going away for a residential break in June 2012 ,over three nights in Shropshire. It sounds really good , lots of fun activities and no doubt they will all have a fabulous time away from home. The trip will cost approx £160 which includes food, accommodation,transport,insurance and all the activities, the final cost will be confirmed in a meeting next month. So it looks like I will be starting a savings pot for this trip.


  1. School trips have become so expensive havent they? Don't forget to factor in the hidden costs - will they need waterproof-over- trousers/sleeping bags/rucksacks/cameras/ walking boots/pocket money?

    you are wise to start planning and saving now. Talk to Mums whose kids went last year - and don't be afraid to scrounge and borrow equipment - I think its a shame when parenst spend out a lot of money on gear their child will use for just 4 days and then it gets forgotten and outgrown in a cupboard!

    It works out at putting aside around a fiver a week - hope it isnt too much of a struggle!

  2. i think it would be better if the school told you last term, ie before the 6 weeks holiday. i know that it may be an approx figure but you would have longer to save up, the children have been back almost a month so thats a month lost on the savings plan.

  3. hi mary, its not mandatory, there is a place for everyone if they want to go but because she is the only child , i like her to mix with other kids so I am happy to pay for her to have that interaction.

  4. KL came home from college last week with the details of a history trip that has been organised. It's a trip to Russia for 5 days at a cost of £999 with the £200 deposit needed by next Friday! Needless to say she won't be going on that one, but she is going on a sociology trip to Edinburgh next month at a more affordable cost of £80.