Friday, 9 September 2011

I'm not AWOL !!!!

Hi, sorry for the recent absence. First I had problems with blogger then I've had problems with my broadband at home. I hope to be back to normal service very soon !!!


  1. Blogger seems to have been bloggering about a lot quite recently!
    Jane x

  2. HI jane, I am on someones internet at present so i'm having to be quick. i think blogger must be having some probs at the moment.

  3. Hi- hope you get this one! I have added your name to my link list. You can copy Thrifty Thursday logo onto your sidebar by using the 'add picture' facility on blogger, and putting in the url line.
    Thanks for joining us- hope you get your pc problems sorted soon!

  4. Sorry to read that blogger and broadband have limited your blogging, hopefully you'll be able to get back. Have a good weekend.