Saturday, 17 September 2011

I have internet !!

Hello and welcome to my new follower Gill. I am excited as I have my Internet sorted and I am back with it. I have ended up changing provider and everything was sorted today. I have logged onto my email and I have 230 emails to read !! I am going to catch up over the weekend, read my emails, other peoples blogs and generally get up straight. Its amazing how much the Internet affects our daily life and how we take it for granted. Over the last fortnight I've had to stop and think about things, normally I'd look it up on the net but I couldn't and it seemed really restrictive. I even had to go into the branch and get a paper mini statement, how outdated does that seem now ! Luckily no nasty surprises on the finance front, I like to check the bank accounts each day to keep on top of things. Anyway I will carry on reading my emails and blog something very soon. Bye for Now :-)


  1. Welcome back! You might want to pop over to my blog and enter the contest for the book I'm giving away. I have it open for international entries.

  2. Good to see you again :-)

    It's cheaper to pay bills on the net then in office here. They often charge a fee for many of my bills. I tried to pay bills in person to keep people in jobs - but with the fees attached I decided to go the free route by using the internet.

    The internet has really impacted our lives for good and bad.

  3. Yay! Welcome back! I def agree with FDU's comment, the internet has changed our lives, Google has become a verb!

  4. Good to see you in blogland again and for your lovely comments on my Wales posts. Thank you.

    It is funny how much the internet takes over our lives.

  5. Welcome back. Hope you can catch up with blogs and emails. I've been trying my best to do so this weekend after a busy school week.

    Sft x