Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Hello and Welcome.

Hi there. Still having problems with my Internet, we are expecting a call today at 10.30 from the provider...hmmmm.. Anyway catching a sneaky peak on someone elses Internet and was able to view my followers today. Welcome to the new followers who are Hardup Hester, Poppy, Magsmcc, Jane & Chris, aurora.bent and last but least n.salkeld. I hope to be blogging again very soon. I've found it very weird not to be able to log on the net each day, I hadn't checked my bank account for a while and after recent fraudulent activities I was a bit concerned, but all is well thankfully. I have been managing to incorporate more exercise into my daily routine, we have been going out each evening after tea for a 20 minute walk. I have found this quite easy to fit in but the weather is OK at the moment, I don't know if I will feel as eager when snow is on the ground !! See you soon


  1. I wonder what silly excuses the internet company will come up with for the service not working?
    Jane x

  2. Hope things get sorted soon! Good to hear about the exercise routine. Get a woolly hat and boots and you will still manage walks in the snow!
    blessings x