Wednesday, 13 July 2011

School Holiday Childcare

I had a scary moment earlier when I looked online at the bank statements. Its the middle of the month and the balance seemed rather low. Then it occurred to me where the money had gone. The children break up next week for the school holidays and 6 weeks of child care begins. My provider had to be pre booked and pre paid in advance of the childcare. Since last year the childcare fee's went up by almost 50%, its a Catch 22 because you have no alternative to pay it as you can't get six weeks off work. Luckily for us we don't require the full six weeks. I work part time and we have both taken a fortnights holiday off work. Then my husband has some odd days off so we have scattered them through the holiday so we only need two days a week for four weeks. You might think that doesn't seem much but during the school holidays, most of my wages go on childcare so I don't have much leftover. I try and save some money in the preceding months to soften the blow. Although it is costly my daughter really enjoys it there, they have lots of fun activities and she gets to meet up with her friends. It will be her last year there as after age 10 they can't go anymore.

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