Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The best kind of Freebies

Some of the best kind of freebies are the one's where you don't even have to move a muscle to obtain. Last week we acquired some freebies that we handed to us. Through the front door came a free eye test voucher, worth around £20 and the lovely people at National Express gave a free voucher for a Daysaver Ticket. This is worth £3.60 and I can travel around the West Midlands conurbation for a whole day for free, using the bus. Luckily whoever posted the flyer through posted two , so I can have two free Daysavers. Other freebies came via my husband and his train travel. When he gets to the station there is normally someone giving out freebies, this weeks delights include a bottle of Lipton Ice Tea, a bottle of Powerade, a little can of dry hair shampoo and two samples of Nivea cream , which are ideal for handbag/travel. The Daysaver voucher is only valid until 14.8.2011 so I will have a think about where we can go.


  1. I love those little sample sized treats, perfect for camping and weekends away.
    That free travel pass sounds brilliant, I want one! x

  2. Thanks for that! We don't get the Chronicle, boo! x

  3. They are great are'nt they ! I love a freebie :-)