Saturday, 16 July 2011

Another Rainy Day

This week I have felt somewhat low at times regarding my long term goal of moving house. Our neighbours, as nice as they are, have been doing work on their house since New Year and every day since then, we have had banging, drilling and numerous other noises. This week when I was home it was really intense, every room I went into I could not escape the noise. Each night I have had a banging headache. On Thursday I decided to do something constructive and draw up a list of things to do before we sell. We want to put the house up after Christmas so I want to get as much done as possible. My plan is to start at the top of the house and work down, decluttering as we go. Today was very wet where we live so I gave hubby a nudge and off we went into the loft and made a start looking through the stuff. It seems that the suitcases have been reproducing up there , we seem to have more than before. It could just be that the clutter was obscuring the view !  I have made a pile of stuff to keep and another pile to give away. We are going to take some rubbish to the tip tomorrow and numerous card board boxes that we have been hogging for years. We also bought down a huge bag of clothes that we had been storing. My husband rediscovered some jeans and a few work shirts. I found some old joggers which I will wear around the house. Some clothes I will try to sell as they are still decent, other clothes I am going to recycle at the clothes bank tomorrow. We had a funny moment where my husband tried on a shirt and he looked like the Hulk. He was protesting that it used to fit when I realised that it was in fact a woman's shirt and when I checked the label it was one of mine! That was funny especially when I tried it on and my daughter said he looked better in it than me, I am sure she was only joking. We also found up there my daughters baby box which still had stuff inside. When we opened it up, we were reminded of her as a baby as the baby smell just hit us. We are going to keep the baby box but we have found lots of other stuff to get rid off. We are going to have a car boot sale one weekend and try and get rid of the junk and earn money at the same time. We also unearthed some home brew equipment that my husband bought when we moved in in 1996. It has been in the loft ever since, that is going to the car boot as well. The loft still looks cluttered but we have made a start and when we do have a car boot that should get rid of even more.


  1. ugh---that's terrible that you are having headaches from your neighbors' construction noise!

    We have been de-cluttering as well. My husband and son cleaned out our garage and I can finally walk to my freezer again without tripping over something!

  2. Hi thats a good idea starting to declutter before moving. We did the same. I also felt like I was doing it to enforce the fact that Yes we are going to move this time(as we had a couple of times when things were not going to according to plan).
    At least when you move you wont have to pay for that HIP pack now.
    I hope you are feeling better. Dont worry you will get there in the end. Just enjoy the journey and anticipation xx

  3. Hi Mary, Its a pain, I know they have to get their work done but I'm like when's it going to end??
    Hi Ms Everyday, I'd just had enough yesterday we were sat around not doing anything. I thought if we spend a few hours here and there it all helps. Also it does give you a mental lift as though you are doing something and getting something achieved.

    Thanks both for your comment.

  4. Wish I lived near you, I'd call in and buy your brewing kit. Hubby wants to start brewing so we are on the lookout for second hand brewing tackle. When we moved 5 years ago we had a great big clearout and got rid of all our brewing stuff! Typical, we want it again now. It is best to declutter as much as possible before you move. It's amazing how much stuff we accumulate.

  5. Hi yes Paulines weight loss was a lot. I think that that lighter life diet is something like 500 calories a day!. I have known 2 people do the lighter life diet & both put it all back on within months of stopping doing lighter life. I guess if it can give someone the kickstart to lose weight then thats a good thing but in the long haul just not sure for people. Also money wise it must work out a lot. I just want to eat healthy as it fits in with life.
    Enjoy your afternoon x

  6. That neighbour noise must really wear you down.
    You're being very organised by decluttering now instead of leaving it all to the last minute. At least you can do a few boot sales over the summer and hopefully make a few quid. x

  7. Hi Karen, my husband had the home brew bug, did it once then never bothered again. Its been up there ever since.
    Hi Vix, I try to be organised, I have gone through some paperwork this afternoon and shredded lots. I think if I can do little and often I can get through the clutter. We will probably do a car boot on a sunday , not looking forward to the early start !!