Thursday, 7 July 2011

Ideas Please

Its my daughters 10th birthday soon and we are thinking about how to celebrate. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions please ? Things to consider are : small budget, small garden and its on a weekday.


  1. For my son's 10th birthday, we took him and two of his friends to the movies and out to eat pizza. But that was quite expensive. We did a lot of birthdays where we just turned them loose in the yard in their bathing suits and let them use water guns, water balloons, etc. But girls might not be interested in that sort of thing.

    When my friend's daughter turned 10 we organized a scavenger hunt with clues around the house like "Time flies when you're having fun" and the next clue would be behind a clock or "Give me a call sometime" and the next clue would be at the phone. There were about 10-12 clues and it lead to a prize for each girl, like a goody bag with some makeup and candy. Then instead of ordering pizzas we let the girls make their own. The party was a hit!

  2. Hi Mary, Thanks for your suggestion. We did think about cinema/pizza. Our house is quite small so there is not much room to do a scavenger hunt. I think 10 is a bit of an awkward age, too old for a kiddie party and too young for a teen party.

  3. Have some sort of theme - perhaps related to her favourite TV programme or film. plan invites food etc round that
    I am sort of assuming the guests will all be girls - find an activity they can all work on - eg food related stuff - decorating cupcakes of pizzas
    crafty stuff - making friendship bracelets/ phone charms/ fabric flower brooches etc
    check out Martha Stewarts website for great ideas.
    have two teams and set each a task - then award prizes to best team [eg to style someones hair, make someone up if they are into hair and makeup]
    buy cheap plain exercise/notebooks form £1 shop and get them to decorate their own autograph books or secret journals - supply pritt stick/PVA beads, fabric scraps, ribbon, etc - print out a few key words to collage on the front.
    how many are coming? keep to time or they will get bored.

    Have a "cinema evening" find a good DVD and then provide popcorn and a 'cocktail bar'. i've been doing kids non alcoholic cocktail bars for ages- let me know if you want some ideas for cheap but impressive looking drinks

    do a gok wan fashion event - ask them to bring two items of clothing they do not want [can be cheap tops from primark or charity shop] and get them to swap round and style each other - and cut shirts up/use fabric pens to add designs.
    or just buy a batch of cheap tees and some pens yourself and let each girl make a shirt to take home. [encourage them to plan design first on paper - saves a lot of grief!]

    my eldest is 30 next year, but friends are sTILL coming to me to get ideas for their kids parties. If I'd written a book about them all, I'd be rich now!!!

    blessings x