Wednesday, 27 July 2011

No room in the oven

Have been a busy little bee today. I've been using up freezer and store cupboard ingredients and had the oven full up, but only once ! From the freezer came minced beef and wraps and I made beef enchiladas. I made enough for tea, one to freeze and there was some enchilada meat left over. I will freeze this and use it for snacks at a later date. I did this for the first time recently. I warmed up the meat and put it into pitta breads, then toasted them on the George Foreman, they were delicious, quick and very easy. From the cupboard I had a tin of cherries and a packet of crumble. I made one big crumble and two smaller ones to freeze. I do need to get more organised with my time and by doing things like this , it saves me time, energy and money at a later date. I may look to get another oven shelf as I only have two and it was a bit of a juggling act squeezing everything in. Cook once, eat more than twice :-)

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