Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Charity shop shopping

As part of my getting out and about, I went into town earlier in the week and had a look around the charity shops. Theres not many to be honest and the prices aren't as cheap as they once were. One of my favourite charity shops is British Heart Foundation and they had quite a few items in my size. I bought a few that a liked and spent about £15. I thought that I'd get a few more tops for work as I always wear the same old stuff and although I thought £15 is a lot to spend at the charity shop, its still less than what you would probably spend on one new item at the high street stores. I bought ;

Spotty scoop neck Next top.
Black and white patterned top with a waterfall neckline.
Black M&S top
Floral Dorothy Perkins top.
Fuschia coloured M&S Autograph top.
Checked scoop neck blouse.

Some of the things are not my usual colours or style but I thought I'd just mix things up a little. The black and white patterned top my husband tells me is a bit zany but it looks ok with my black work skirt. The floral top I have worn and had a few compliments already so it can't be all that bad.

I also had a green patterned see through top from the Scope charity shop, priced £4 which I thought was a little high but I bought it as I liked it once worn. I picked up a green camisole top for underneath from the nearby Bon Marche shop. Again green is not my usual colour but I thought I'd give it a go.


  1. I think you actually did quite well for £15, you got quite a few tops there!

    1. Not as good as your bargains though Penny Pincher x I am going chazzing again later this week so may find more bargains

  2. The BHF has some great quality modern clothes and the prices are really fair, too. Its one of the best places for work wear.
    Do you mean that hideous tropical flowers on acid washing powder smell? I hate it more than cigarette smoke or sweat. I give anything smelly a soak in Poundland's Oxy stain remover (regardless of whether its stained) and then wash on 30 degree cycle with a generous scoop of soda crystals. xxx

  3. Hello, I have just stumbled across your blog and read your earlier post. Can I say I am so sorry for the loss of your little baby...I have been there myself several times. I know that you are never quite the same person again after such a loss and you always carry that sadness in your heart...I also know that in time the colour of life slowly seeps back into those long grey days.......wishing you gentle days with brighter ones ahead. XX