Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Trolley bargins

Yesterday we went to the supermarket and timed it just as the lady was there marking down the items. When I first started blogging you seemed to get lots of reductions at the shops but now I find they are few and far between. We rarely seem to get anything nowadays so last night was an exception. Heres what we had :

3 packs of pasta reduced from £1.95 each to 39p each.
Lamb chops reduced from £4.83 to 97p.
4 packs of Beef steak mince reduced from £4 each to 80p each.
2 Gammon steaks reduced from £4 to 80p
Salmon fillets reduced from £4.50 to 90p.
Aberdeen angus mince reduced from £3.75 to 75p.
Jaffa cakes reduced from £3 to 45p.
Pasta reduced from £2.15 to 43p
2 packs of sausages reduced from £3.29 per pack to 66p each.
Lamb steak reduced from £4 to 80p
3 crab and cod bakes reduced from £3.60 to 72p each.

This little lot came to £12.15 when full price it should have been £64.61.

I am particularly looking forward to the cod and crab bake. The lamb chops and gammon we are putting towards a BBQ we are hoping to have. The mince will be used for spag bol, chilli and the like.


  1. Love late night bargain food shopping at sainsbury, try to buy all of my meat then as its so expensive and with a family to feed. Your bargains sound great. Love getting bread for 10p too if only it was always this price :) hope your keeping well lovely ? Xxxx love julie xxxx

  2. Im feeling much better thank you Julie, just taking things a day at a time. wouldn't it be great if all food shopping was like this ! that's why we filled up with all the stuff we liked so we can ''try'' and have a few weeks cheaper shopping.

  3. Wow! What a fab shopping trip! I love getting to the reduced shelf just as the items are being reduced again. Great stuff there too, all that cheap meat, well done!

  4. Great bargains! I used to be able to pick up bargains from a small local supermarket a few years ago - then everyone got wise to it and they were much harder to come by!

  5. I agree , the bargains are not there any more , wish i could find out what time they reduce things i am sure that they change the times now xxx