Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Trying to get back to normal

After my recent events I have been at home on sick leave. I will be going back to work in a few weeks. Being at home I have been doing lots of thinking about lots of things. One of which was my job. I did contemplate handing my notice in but I think I was feeling a bit rash so have decided not too. Besides I would be foolish as they are always talking about making cuts and if they wanted to get rid of me they would have to pay me off. I have 12 years service so it would be silly to walk away from that. The first two weeks of leave I was just at home, not getting dressed and just mainly staring at the artex patterns on the bedroom ceiling as well as noticing how many cobwebs I had around the place. To be fair , medically, I was in no fit state to be anywhere other than home due to the physical symptoms I experienced. My first sick note was from the hospital. When that expired I had to see my GP. He is a lovely doctor and was very sympathetic and kind and wrote my note with no hesitation. He asked me what I had been doing so I told him truthfully nothing. In fact the day I went to see him was the first day in that fortnight I had been dressed. He told me not to stay home as it would make me worse dwelling on things, it sounds obvious but until he told me that it hadn't occurred to me. So in the week or so since I saw him , I have been getting out a bit more. I went to see some local relatives last week which was nice. This week I have been out by myself just for an hour or so at a time. Monday I treated myself to some 'chazzing' and found a nice top for the grand sum of £2.49. Today I have been to the hairdressers as I hadn't had my hair cut since March and it was getting a bit mop top hair shop again. Its been good to get out and have a walk around in the fresh air and I do feel better for it.  


  1. Getting out and about does wonders, gives you a reason to get up and dressed. X

    1. Hi FIB. You're right it does but its been a real push to make myself do it.

  2. Hi there, I agree with Frugal in Bucks, and it sounds like you are now taking those steps to heal. Take care, don't rush it, you've been through a lot xxx

  3. It's the hardest thing ever to step back on to the merry-go-round that is normal life, if you can make those first tentative steps you will get there. But don't rush yourself. You are being so sensible. xx

  4. Hi there Ms PB,

    Take it one step at a time, stay focused and you will do it.

    Have a good day.