Sunday, 13 January 2013

Keep for best - jewellery

Hi bloggers and hope you are well. A week or so ago I wrote about my china dinner set and whether to keep it for best or use it more often. I then got to thinking about other possessions I have and the next one was jewellery. Like a lot of people over the last year or so I have sold unwanted items as the gold price has been high but I still have some left but again kept for best. I decided that I would start wearing it. For the last few days I have been wearing some of my rings, not all together I add, but I have been wearing one and changing it every few days. Of course being so close after Christmas , people are thinking that's what I had but some of the items I've had for years but they rarely see the light of day. So I am going to start wearing more of my collection so I can enjoy it.


  1. Good for you! You might as well enjoy the jewellery rather than having it sat in a drawer for years :-)