Saturday, 19 January 2013

Cutting down on laundry

Hi bloggers and hope you are keeping warm and well over this cold spell. In the old days I was very much in the 'wear it once' camp. I wore an item and it went straight into the laundry basket. Nowadays I have changed our habits to save time , money and energy and also because life is too short ! I wear the same skirt for work ( I am part time ) I put it on Monday morning and it goes into the basket Friday afternoon. I wear a clean top each shift and after work I take my work clothes off and put my house clothes on. If my top is not too pongy or dirty I will wear it another day when I am not in work. If the weather is good outside I will also air my clothes to freshen them up. Again when I am off work , if I go out and wear my jeans , I take them off back home and wear them again a few more times before they get laundered again. I also find that by wearing my old stuff around the house it prolongs the life of my decent stuff I wear when I go out. I also used to use a towel once then put it to be washed. Nowadays we use a towel and hang it over the banister on the landing. This can then last us a few days which has really helped to cut down using the washing machine. Again in the summer time I air the towels outside to freshen them up. I often used to have the washer on every day but now I may do 3 or 4 loads a week : dark, light, coloureds and towels. I also make sure the washer has a full load and not just half a dozen items.


  1. We are getting over obsessed with washing things. I do most of the same stuff as you - and use 'eco wash' when I can. Also recently started using the 'spin only' cycle [oops - originally typed 'sin only' there which is NOT what I meant] after the main wash has finished. That extra spin seems to remove EVEN MORE water so the stuff dries 'naturally' much quicker, but does not use TOO much energy,

    And I wear a full apron when cooking. as I am a messy child and forever getting flour, curry sauce etc about my person!!]

    blessings xx

    1. I have the apron as well as I am also a mucky pup !

  2. We have VERY similar washing habits - mine goes on a max 4 times a week right now. :)

  3. I have delayed washing things this year as well. We use towels for 3-4 days (moist climate so cannot go longer without souring). Clothing gets worn at least 2 - 3 times unless dirty. I agree with Angela's comments above - we are too obsessed with washing things. My house is clean, how dirty can things get?