Friday, 18 January 2013

Its like Narnia !

Hi everyone and a very warm welcome on such a cold day to my new follower Ragged Wren, thank you for joining.

It is like Narnia where I live, deep snow everywhere and rather chilly. I have made it back and forth to work today and I am now back home with a nice hot drink reading my blogs. School predictably was closed today so my daughter has been out all day with her school friend enjoying the snow, I await the return of a damp child and a pile of wet clothes any time soon ! I hadn't thought ahead yesterday to get something out of the freezer for tea so we are going to have soup and crusty bread. I have plenty of milk, bread and tins in my store so I have enough to keep us going should we be stuck indoors for a few days. I heard on the news that people have been fighting in supermarkets and stripping the shelves bare. Surely over the winter months it pays to keep some stuff in stock on the off chance of illness or inclement weather, or is that just me ? My husband cooked his big lump of gammon yesterday so that will keep him going for days, when I looked at the label it weighed over 5kg ! So if all else fails folks we will be living off the gammon and the remaining tins of tomatoes, 27 at last count ! Enjoy your evening xx

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  1. Hi,

    Narnia here too. Had to do a stock take of food as a girl who likes hers very much I had a bit of a panic!
    Gammon here too.
    Good luck at yours.
    Sarah. X