Thursday, 17 January 2013

Food for thought

Good afternoon bloggers and hope you are all well. The recent news about the contents of beef burgers brings to mind again about what goes into our food. We discussed it at work today. Some people seemed genuinely surprised that all these unannounced ingredients go in. Surely by the look and taste of ready made food, you can tell its not the real deal , or is that just me ?? Some foods taste so chemical and artificial they are just disgusting. Recently I had a freezer meal of fish fingers and chips, it was a quick in stock meal and after I ate it I felt really disappointed and had a yukky after taste. We have never really had much in the way of processed meals, I would be lying if I said never but certainly not on a regular basis. I think my taste buds have changed especially of late since I have trying to be good and cut down on the junk. This week I made a shepherds pie, mince lamb, leek,  onions and mashed potato. This time however I had half a bag of vegetable stir fry lurking around so to use it up I put that in too. It contained broccoli, red and white cabbage, onion, carrot and beansprout. I then chopped it up really finely and quick boiled it , then stirred it into the shepherds pie. I used the veg water to make the gravy then I also added my own little special twist, mint sauce to the gravy. It was delicious and as there was enough for two nights meals I didn't need to cook again last night. Despite my husbands initial reservations of adding stir fry to a pie , he did concede and agree that it was tasty. Afterwards we had a slice of home made sponge cake. A nice meal, prepared at home and empty plates afterwards.


  1. Hi,

    You got some good bargains especially the gammon. I put mine in the slow cooker overnight and use it sliced for sarnies or just sliced hot with some boiled potatoes. I like the mint sauce in the gravy- will try that.


  2. I've said for a long while that those adamantly declaring that it doesn't matter what the provenance of your food is, it all tastes the same, are talking out of their proverbials! Cheap is fine, so long as it's cheap, but good quality, but when it's just "dirt cheap" then this current fiasco underlines the issues!

    1. Again Robyn I completely agree with what you've said x