Saturday, 13 July 2013

Recycling a ripped towel

Good afternoon bloggers and I hope you are enjoying the sunshine.

I have managed to get my friend with a sewing machine to do a little job for me all in the name of recycling and reusing. I have a large bath sheet that I am very fond of and discovered that it had ripped when I used it the other day. The rip is a horizontal rip , just a couples of inches long but it runs neatly parallel to the top of the bath sheet. Rather than throw it away or consign it to the rag bag I have cut it and now I have a hand sized towel and a decent sized bath towel. My friend will then machine stitch it for me on the cut edges and voila ! , I now have decent towels again.

I am chuffed with it as it was a good quality towel I have had for a long time and I was reluctant to part company with it. Plus I have to admit that the idea was not entirely mine as I have seen it done on other blogs so I have to give credit where credit is due, if my memory serves me correctly I think it was Scarlet at ' Finished Article'.

** It was Scarlet's blog, she turned a big towel into smaller hand towels ***


  1. Thanks for the mention. It's very satisfying to repurpose things isn't it? My hand towels are still going strong in the kitchen.

  2. No probs. I thought it was such a good idea that I remembered it !!! Take care x