Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Are things built to last ?

Hi bloggers and welcome to another new follower, thanks for coming aboard.

When I moved house last year I bought a new fridge freezer, it is now less than a year old and we have had to call the engineer out. At our old house we had a fridge and freezer that we bought in 1996 which still works and now lives in the garage. Only last week my husband suggested getting rid of them as we hadn't used them since we moved. Now this week the new fridge seems to be warm. The engineer came earlier and said the freezer isn't working properly either, and although frozen now it will get warmer also over time. We have someone else coming next week to flush it with gas, this apparently may work and correct the problem.

The old fridge and freezer are now back and operational. Luckily so or all my stuff would have spoilt.

What do you think, are things not up to the job nowadays ?

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  1. Oh I SO agree - small electrical gadgets seem to die so much quicker these days!