Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Time to crunch the numbers again

Evening folks. I get paid tomorrow but the cash is already earmarked to go straight out. When we moved to the new house some unexpected things ate into the little pot of cash that we had for the move. We got as much done as we could but some things had to be put on the back burner. One of which was a carpet for the hall , stairs and landing. All the rest of the house is done but we ran out of cash. What didn't help was that the carpet people upped their quote by £400 at the eleventh hour. It may have been a tactic to squeeze us for more money but I didn't fall for it. I told the carpet guy that I would do without the hall and get it at a later date. We have used offcuts on the upstairs landing and in the hall way as we had a long off cut the length of the lounge which was 24ft . We had intended to get the carpet this month but there has been some spending on the credit card so the carpet will have to wait again. I don't want to be in debt again, at least not for something that can wait a few weeks. That's where we went wrong in the past, the 'must get it now' mentality. Also the man is coming tomorrow to look at the conservatory and I'm sure that it will cost ££££.


  1. Fingers, toes and everything else crossed that the leak in the conservatory isn't as bad as you think.


  2. There is always so much unmentioned expense after moving house. Mine was a new boiler. Completely necessary but wholly unexpected. It put a lot of other projects way down my list. Patience wins in the end and most things can be waited for.

  3. So many surprises, and now my chimney is leaking .... again! Hope the conservatory repair isn't too expensive.

  4. Yes, we had to get a new peg tiled roof! £13,000 later....

    So we still have a bright pink bathroom and will probably still have one for a while!


    you have done so well. anything that can wait should wait.

    Sft x